We suggest you allow your child at least three weeks to decide if they wish to join before you purchase uniform. 

As a minimum, Beavers need the turquoise Beaver jumper, Cubs a green cub sweatshirt and Scouts a green Scout shirt or blouse.  Scout Association navy activity trousers are optional.  Uniform stockists are listed below.  Note commercial stockists (shops or online) don't always stock the Scout blouse.  Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all need our group scarf (black with royal blue stripe) which can only be bought direct from our East Drive HQ and costs £5 (small, best for Beavers/Cubs) or £8 (large, Scouts/adults). A group scarf can also be known as a necker or neckerchief.  It is held together with a woggle which we supply.

Badges awarded  and a plastic woggle are covered by the membership fee but a charge is made for replacement badges (approx 80p) & plastic woggles (20p) if the first one has been lost.  Please label all uniform items with your child’s name- there is a label inside sweatshirts, scarves & shirts designed for you to write on!

We often have second hand items for sale and occasionally new items as well, please ask the leaders.  We welcome donations of uniform items you no longer need.  Scouting uniform has traditionally been larger than you would expect, for this reason we suggest you try on items in a shop  or check the size guide on the Scout shops website before placing an online order.  The St Albans and Hemel volunteer scout shops hold a larger stock and a bigger range of items at lower prices than commercial stockists.


Local uniform stockists

St. Albans Scout shop

Run by volunteers from St Albans Scout District.  At far end of Chene Drive, Waverley Road, St. Albans AL3 5PE (close to hospital).  Chene Drive is a private access road not shown on some maps.  Drive past Alban Manor Nursing Home and through the gap in the wall at the end of the drive.  The shop is the building directly opposite the entrance.  Open Thursdays 6.30 – 8.30 pm.  Debit and credit card payments accepted.  Enquiries- 07957 657433 (during opening hours only).  Prices usually match Scout Shops online.    See Scout Shop - St Albans Scouts

Hemel Hempstead Scout shop

Run by volunteers from Hemel Scout District.  Open Tuesdays (term time only) 7.00 – 8.30 pm, Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School, Peascroft Road, Hemel Hempstead  HP3 8ER.  Prices usually match Scout Shops Online.  See https://www.hemel-scouts.co.uk/scout-shop/location-opening-times/

Scout shops online

Go to https://shop.scouts.org.uk/     Delivery is £3.99 for orders under £50.  Check the size guide for each item at this site.

Beat School Uniform shop

116 The Parade, Watford WD17 1BD.  See Scouting Association - Beat School Uniforms

Watford School Uniform shop

222 St Albans Road, North Watford WD24 4AU.   www.watfordschooluniforms.co.uk 

6th North Watford group scarf with a woggle


The awarding of all badges is based on the merit and effort of the individual concerned.  The young people work towards the hexagonal challenge badges (e.g. Outdoor, Adventure, Skills, World) and a number of these go towards the Chief Scouts Award.  This is the top award in each section- Bronze for Beavers, Silver for Cubs and Gold for Scouts.  We also work towards the more specialised activity badges (round, worn on the sleeve) at camps or during weekly meeting.  Members are also welcome to work towards activity badges at home and some of these badges are better suited to work on individually eg animal friend or animal carer.  If your child has a particular hobby or interest, do check out the national website or ask a leader for guidance on which badge would be the relevant one for it.  Badge requirements for all badges are available on the national website scouts.org.uk

The pictures below show where to sew the badges on the uniform.  A beaver and cub jumper are shown but the positions are the same on the  Scout shirt.  Badge glue is quick and easy but leaves unsightly marks if you later need to remove badges.  This will mean you need to buy replacement badges and will also prevent you using the garment for a younger sibling or friend so you should consider this before using it.

Beaver jumper badges.jpg

Right sleeve


6th North Watford group name tape

Watford North/ Hertfordshire badge


Leadership stripe- usually gained later on, yellow for Beavers, red for cubs, blue for Scouts, only the highest one should be worn.

Right chest


Challenge badges (hexagonal), red for Beavers, blue for Cubs, navy for Scouts

The Bronze, Silver or Gold Chief Scouts award can be worn above the challenge badges, only one can be worn at once.

Left chest


Occasional badge- eg Queens Platinum Jubilee badge

Joining in badges (square, different colours)- shows the number of years the young person has been a member thus first one awarded after one year

Moving on award ('Be Prepared')- shows a young person was previously a Beaver or Cub thus not worn by Beavers

World Scout badge (purple)- worn by everyone, for Scouts this should be on the shirt pocket

Left sleeve


Activity badges (round)- badges for more specific activities or hobbies. 


For the blue 'staged' badges, these have a number of them, only the highest stage of each should be worn eg replace five nights away with ten nights away, don't wear both


Moving on to Cubs or Scouts

The following badges should be transferred from a Beaver to Cub or Cub to Scout uniform:

Group name tape, Watford North/Hertfordshire badge, the bronze or silver chief scouts award (if achieved), World Scout badge, the highest year badge obtained, any blue staged activity badges (highest one only), joining in badge (highest one only)

Section specific challenge and activity badges should not be moved to the new section uniform.  Do ask if you are not sure!